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IA HF2416


A bill for an act relating to student eligibility requirements in school district, accredited nonpublic school, regent institution, community college, and certain other institution of higher education athletics based on sex, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly HF 2309.) Effective date: 03/03/2022.

Legislative Session


89th General Assembly


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2022-03-03Signed by Governor. H.J. 493.
2022-03-03Reported correctly enrolled, signed by Speaker and President, and sent to Governor. H.J. 493.
2022-06-22Fiscal note.
2022-03-02Message from Senate. H.J. 488.
2022-03-02Immediate message. S.J. 430.
2022-03-02Passed Senate, yeas 31, nays 17. S.J. 430.
2022-03-02Substituted for SF 2342. S.J. 429.
2022-02-28Fiscal note.
2022-02-22Read first time, attached to similar SF 2342. S.J. 359.
2022-02-22Message from House. S.J. 359.
2022-02-21Immediate message. H.J. 319.
2022-02-21Passed House, yeas 55, 39 nays. H.J. 318.
2022-02-21Amendment H-8029 ruled out of order. H.J. 318.
2022-02-21Amendment H-8042, 56 yeas, 37 nays, adopted, as amended. H.J. 317.
2022-02-21Motion to suspend rules prevailed. H.J. 316.
2022-02-21Motion to suspend rules for immediate consideration of amendment H-8042, as amended, 56 yeas, 37 nays. H.J. 316.
2022-02-21Point of order raised on amendment H-8042, as amended, ruled not germane. H.J. 315.
2022-02-21Amendment H-8046 to H-8042 filed, adopted. H.J. 315.
2022-02-21Amendment H-8045 to H-8042, 3 yeas, 91 nays, filed, lost. H.J. 315.
2022-02-21Fiscal note.
2022-02-18Amendment H-8042 filed. H.J. 303.
2022-02-17Amendment H-8029 filed. H.J. 294.
2022-02-16Introduced, placed on calendar. H.J. 267.