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Want to get involved? Here are the legislative events concerning bills that we are tracking across the country.

Find legislative calendar events in the table below. You can sometimes find hearing agendas on state websites via the 'More Info'. Read the bill, see its sponsors, and history by clicking the bill link. Find audio and video live streams via NCSL.

2024-03-04AZ SB100500:00HearingHHR 4House Rules
2024-03-04ID H053810:30HearingN/AHouse Calendar Committee
2024-03-04ID S136210:30HearingN/ASenate Calendar Committee
2024-03-04TN HB194815:00HearingHouse Hearing Room IIHouse Higher Education Subcommittee Hearing
2024-03-04WY SF009907:30HearingCapitol Extension Room E001 & OnlineHouse Judiciary
2024-03-04WY SF009912:30HearingCapitol Extension Room W002 & OnlineHouse Judiciary


2024-03-05AL SB12910:00HearingRoom 617House State Government Hearing
2024-03-05ID H053811:00HearingN/AHouse Calendar Committee
2024-03-05RI S242300:00HearingN/ASenate Judiciary Hearing
2024-03-05TN HB163416:30HearingHouse Hearing Room IIHouse K-12 Subcommittee Hearing
2024-03-05TN HB199512:00HearingHouse Hearing Room IVHouse Children & Family Affairs Subcommittee Hearing
2024-03-05TN HB216912:00HearingHouse Hearing Room IVHouse Children & Family Affairs Subcommittee Hearing
2024-03-05TN HB281613:30HearingHouse Hearing Room IVHouse Health Subcommittee Hearing
2024-03-06AK HB33813:00HearingGruenberg 120House Judiciary Hearing
2024-03-06AL HB13013:30HearingRoom 206House Education Policy Hearing
2024-03-06AZ SB162809:00HearingHHR 4House Judiciary
2024-03-06MO HB165012:00HearingJoint Hearing Room (117)Special Committee on Public Policy Hearing
2024-03-06NH HB120509:30HearingLegislative Office Building 205-207Education Executive Session
2024-03-06NH HB166410:00HearingLegislative Office Building 206-208Judiciary Executive Session
2024-03-07SC H429000:00HearingBlatt Room 110House E.P.W. Higher Education Subcommittee
2024-03-08AK HB33813:00HearingGruenberg 120House Judiciary Hearing