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IN SB0402


Family and juvenile law matters.

Family and juvenile law matters. Requires the office of the secretary of family and social services to apply, before July 1, 2022, to the United States Department of Health and Human Services for an amendment to the family and support services Medicaid waiver to create priority status on the waiver for a child who has been adopted. Requires the statewide child fatality review coordinator to provide a data collection form to each local child fatality review team. Provides that the data collection form must mirror the information in the National Fatality Review Case Reporting System Version 5.0 CDR Report Form. Provides that the definition of child abuse or neglect does not refer to a person who identifies a child by the child's biological sex. Requires the department of child services (department) to include in its annual report certain additional information concerning child fatalities. Requires the department to: (1) collect certain disability identification data; (2) create a report concerning the collected data; (3) provide the report to the legislative council; and (4) adopt rules to implement these provisions. Requires the department, before beginning a trial home visit, to conduct a criminal history check on certain individuals, determine whether any of those individuals have prior department history, and establish a safety plan and child care plan. Requires the department to conduct at least one unannounced home visit each week while a child is on a trial home visit. Makes an appropriation to the state department of health to fund additional staff to support local child fatality review teams. Makes conforming changes.

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2022 Regular Session


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2022-01-2000:00HearingRoom 431Senate Family and Children Services Hearing


2022-01-12First reading: referred to Committee on Family and Children Services
2022-01-12Authored by Senator Houchin