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AN ACT relating to public education and declaring an emergency.

Amend KRS 158.183 to require a local board of education or board of a public charter school to ensure that no public school or public charter school offers any classroom instruction or discussion that incorporates designated concepts related to race, sex, and religion; provide that a school district employee that violates the prohibition is subject to disciplinary action; authorize the Attorney General to enforce the prohibition; authorize a penalty of $5,000 for each day a violation persists after the Attorney General issues notification that a violation has occurred; require the commissioner of education to deduct the penalty from funds distributed to a school district; create a new section of KRS Chapter 164 to provide that no student enrolled at a public postsecondary education institution shall be required to engage in any form of mandatory gender or sexual diversity training or counseling; title the Act the "Education Non-Discrimination Act"; EMERGENCY.

Legislative Session


2022 Regular Session


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Joseph Fischer (R)

Melinda Prunty (R)

Lynn Bechler (R)

Josh Calloway (R)

Daniel Fister (R)

David Hale (R)

Mark Hart (R)

Kim King (R)

Norma Kirk-McCormick (R)

Savannah Maddox (R)

Felicia Rabourn (R)

William Reed (R)

Scott Sharp (R)

Nancy Tate (R)

Richard White (R)


2022-01-04to Committee on Committees (H)
2022-01-04introduced in House
2021-06-01Prefiled by the sponsor(s).