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MS SB2111


Transgender 21 Act; enact.

An Act To Create The Transgender 21 Act; To Prohibit The State, Its Agents, And Political Subdivision From Infringing On A Parent's Right To Withhold Consent For Any Treatment, Activity Or Mental Health Care Services That Are Designed And Intended To Form Their Child's Conceptions Of Sex And Gender Or To Treat Gender Dysphoria Or Gender Nonconformity; To Prohibit Certain Medical Procedures From Being Performed Upon A Minor; To Provide A Penalty For Any Medical Profession Who Performs Certain Medical Procedures Upon A Minor; To Provide A Good-faith Exception For A Minor Born With A Medically Verifiable Genetic Disorder Of Sexual Development; To Prohibit Any State Agency, Political Subdivision Or Licensing Organization From Forbidding, Penalizing Or Taking Adverse Action Against An Individual Who Gives Or Receives Counsel, Advice, Guidance Or Other Speech Or Communication Consistent With Conscience Or Religious Belief; To Provide That No Individual Shall Be Discriminated Against For Providing Information About A Violation Of This Act To Certain Authorities; To Provide A Private Cause Of Action For Violations Of This Act; To Preempt Political Subdivisions From Promulgating Rules Or Regulations That Limits The Professional Conduct And Judgment Of A Mental Health Care Professional Or Counselor; To Provide That The Provisions Of This Act Are Severable; And For Related Purposes.

Legislative Session


2022 Regular Session


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2022-02-01Died In Committee
2022-01-12Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency