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Student athletics; creating the Save Women's Sports Act; requiring certain athletic teams to be designated based on biological sex. Emergency.

Legislative Session


2022 Regular Session


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2021-11-1809:30HearingROOM 450House State and Federal Redistricting Hearing
2021-11-1610:30HearingRoom 230 Senate Select Committee on Redistricting Hearing


2022-03-30Approved by Governor 03/30/2022
2022-03-28Sent to Governor
2022-03-28Signed, returned to Senate
2022-03-28Enrolled, to House
2022-03-24Coauthored by Senator Garvin
2022-03-24Referred for enrollment
2022-03-24Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 37 Nays: 7
2022-03-24HAs adopted
2022-03-21Coauthored by Senator Pemberton
2022-02-07Coauthored by Senator Newhouse
2021-05-24Coauthored by Senator Burns
2021-05-18Coauthored by Senator Standridge
2021-05-18Coauthored by Senator Pederson
2021-05-18Coauthored by Senator Daniels
2021-05-18Coauthored by Senator Weaver
2021-05-14Coauthored by Senator Taylor
2021-04-26Coauthored by Senator Merrick
2021-04-26Coauthored by Senator Jett
2021-04-20HAs read
2021-04-20Engrossed, signed, to Senate
2021-04-19Referred for engrossment
2021-04-19Third Reading, Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 73 Nays: 19; Ayes: 68 Nays: 18
2021-04-19Ayes: 60 Nays: 18
2021-04-19Coauthored by Senator(s) Murdock, Dahm, Hamilton, Quinn, Stephens, Rogers, Bullard
2021-04-19Coauthored by Representative(s) West (Kevin), CrosswhiteHader, West (Josh), Humphrey, Conley, Stark, Russ, Boles, Townley, Gann, Kendrix, Lawson, McDugle, Roberts (Sean), Manger, Lowe (Dick), Steagall, Roe, Hardin (David), Grego, Dempsey, Smith, West (Rick), Sneed, Cornwell, Wolfley, Bashore, Olsen, Miller, Stearman, Baker
2021-04-19General Order
2021-04-08Coauthored by Representative(s) Dills
2021-04-08CR; Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee
2021-04-07Referred to Criminal Justice and Corrections
2021-04-07Withdrawn from Common Education Committee
2021-03-22Second Reading referred to Common Education
2021-03-02First Reading
2021-03-02Engrossed to House
2021-03-01Referred for engrossment
2021-03-01Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 38 Nays: 8
2021-03-01General Order, Considered
2021-02-23Reported Do Pass Education committee; CR filed
2021-02-19Coauthored by Representative Hasenbeck (principal House author)
2021-02-02Second Reading referred to Education
2021-02-01Authored by Senator Bergstrom
2021-02-01First Reading