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OK SB615


Schools; requiring restrooms or changing areas to be used by individuals based on their sex; requiring certain accommodation. Emergency.

Legislative Session


2022 Regular Session


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David Bullard (R)

Danny Williams (R)

Ken Luttrell (R)

Todd Russ (R)

Avery Frix (R)

Sean Roberts (R)

Tom Gann (R)

Sherrie Conley (R)

Randy Randleman (R)

David Smith (R)

Jay Steagall (R)

Brad Boles (R)

Ross Ford (R)

Wendi Stearman (R)

Anthony Moore (R)

Gerrid Kendrix (R)

Steve Bashore (R)

John Talley (R)

Marilyn Stark (R)

Cynthia Roe (R)

Denise Hader (R)

George Burns (R)

Josh West (R)

Kevin West (R)

Kevin McDugle (R)

Mark Allen (R)

Jake Merrick (R)

Blake Stephens (R)

Cody Rogers (R)

Shane Jett (R)

Warren Hamilton (R)

Jessica Garvin (R)

Zack Taylor (R)

Darrell Weaver (R)

Brenda Stanley (R)

Bill Coleman (R)

Casey Murdock (R)

Dewayne Pemberton (R)

Roland Pederson (R)

Joe Newhouse (R)

Marty Quinn (R)

Micheal Bergstrom (R)

Julie Daniels (R)

Chris Kidd (R)

Tom Dugger (R)

Nathan Dahm (R)

Rob Standridge (R)


2022-05-25Approved by Governor 05/25/2022
2022-05-20Sent to Governor
2022-05-20Signed, returned to Senate
2022-05-20Enrolled, to House
2022-05-19Referred for enrollment
2022-05-19To Senate
2022-05-19Fourth Reading, Measure and Emergency Passed: Ayes: 69 Nays: 14
2022-05-19Coauthored by Representative(s) Smith, Roberts (Sean)
2022-05-19CCR adopted
2022-05-19CCR submitted
2022-05-19Coauthored by Senator Stephens
2022-05-19Measure and Emergency passed, to House: Ayes: 38 Nays: 7
2022-05-19CCR adopted
2022-05-17Coauthored by Representative Luttrell
2022-05-12Coauthored by Senator Taylor
2022-05-12Coauthored by Senator Dahm
2022-05-12Coauthored by Senator Daniels
2022-05-11Emergency added
2022-05-11CCR read
2022-05-11Coauthored by Representative Bashore
2022-05-11Coauthored by Representative Steagall
2022-05-11Coauthored by Senator Coleman
2022-05-11Coauthored by Representative Burns
2022-05-11Coauthored by Representative Ford
2022-05-11Coauthored by Senator Newhouse
2022-05-10Conference granted, naming Conference Committee on State Powers
2022-05-10Coauthored by Senator Hamilton
2022-05-10Coauthored by Senator Garvin
2022-05-10Coauthored by Senator Stanley
2022-05-10Coauthored by Senator Murdock
2022-05-10Coauthored by Senator Allen
2022-05-10Coauthored by Senator Weaver
2022-05-10Coauthored by Representative Stark
2022-05-09Coauthored by Representative Kendrix
2022-05-05Coauthored by Representative Russ
2022-05-05SCs named Bullard, Pugh, Pemberton, Stanley, Dugger, Dossett (J.J.), Dossett (J.A.)
2022-05-04HAs rejected, conference requested
2022-05-02Coauthored by Senator Quinn
2022-05-02Coauthored by Representative Roe
2022-05-02Coauthored by Representative McDugle
2022-05-02Coauthored by Senator Standridge
2022-05-02Coauthored by Representative Frix
2022-05-02HAs read
2022-05-02Engrossed, signed, to Senate
2022-04-28Referred for engrossment
2022-04-28Third Reading, Measure passed: Ayes: 75 Nays: 10
2022-04-28Title restored
2022-04-28Amended by floor substitute
2022-04-28House Rule suspended
2022-04-28Coauthored by Senator(s) Kidd, Pemberton, Rogers, Dugger
2022-04-28Coauthored by Representative(s) West (Kevin), CrosswhiteHader, Stearman, West (Josh), Conley, Randleman, Moore, Boles, Talley
2022-04-28General Order
2022-04-13Coauthored by Senator(s) Pederson
2022-04-13Coauthored by Representative(s) Gann
2022-04-13CR; Do Pass, amended by committee substitute State Powers Committee
2022-04-04Referred to State Powers
2022-04-04Withdrawn from Common Education Committee
2022-03-31Second Reading referred to Common Education
2022-03-10First Reading
2022-03-10Engrossed to House
2022-03-09Coauthored by Senator Jett
2022-03-09Coauthored by Senator Merrick
2022-03-09Referred for engrossment
2022-03-09Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 39 Nays: 7
2022-03-09Title stricken
2022-03-09General Order, Amended
2022-02-22Reported Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Education committee; CR filed
2022-02-21Coauthored by Representative Williams (principal House author)
2021-02-24Coauthored by Senator Bergstrom
2021-02-02Second Reading referred to Education
2021-02-01Authored by Senator Bullard
2021-02-01First Reading