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SC H4608


Save Women's Sports Act

Amend The Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, To Enact The "save Women's Sports Act" By Adding Section 59-1-500 So As To Express Legislative Intent And Make Certain Findings, To Provide Assumptions Concerning The Correctness Of Biological Gender Statements On Official Birth Certificates Of Students, To Require Gender-based Or Coeducational Designation Of Certain Public School Sports Teams, To Provide Such Sports Teams Designated For Males Shall Not Be Open To Students Of The Female Sex Unless No Team Designated For Females In That Sport Is Offered At The School In Which The Student Is Enrolled, To Provide Such Sports Teams Designated For Females Shall Not Be Open To Students Of The Male Sex, To Provide Private Schools Or Private Institutions Sponsoring A Sports Team In Which Its Students Or Teams Compete Against A Public School Or Institution Also Shall Comply With These Provisions For The Applicable Team Or Sport, And To Provide Remedies For Violations Of The Provisions Of This Act; And By Adding Section 59-63-72 So As To Provide Public School Districts Supported By State Funds Shall Not Use Any Funds Or Permit Any School Within The District To Use Any Funds To Join, Affiliate With, Pay Dues Or Fees To, Or In Any Way Financially Support Any Interscholastic Athletic Association, Body, Or Entity Unless The Constitution, Rules Or Policies Of The Association, Body, Or Entity Recognizes, Sanctions, And Regulates Interscholastic Competition Of Wrestling Teams Composed Exclusively Of Female Students. - Ratified Title

Legislative Session


124th General Assembly


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Ashley Trantham (R)

Melissa Oremus (R)

James Burns (R)

John Mccravy (R)

Garry Smith (R)

Marvin Smith (R)

Bobby Cox (R)

Linda Bennett (R)

Sandy McGarry (R)

Bill Taylor (R)

Stewart Jones (R)

Doug Gilliam (R)

Richard Yow (R)

William Hixon (R)

Jonathon Hill (R)

Craig Gagnon (R)

William Whitmire (R)

Patrick Haddon (R)

Bruce Bannister (R)

Roy Magnuson (R)

Robert May (R)

Victor Dabney (R)

Steven Long (R)

Mark Willis (R)

Donald McCabe (R)

Adam Morgan (R)

Bruce Bryant (R)

Steve Moss (R)

Roger Nutt (R)

Travis Moore (R)

Cally Forrest (R)

William Bailey (R)

John West (R)

Anne Thayer (R)

Brian White (R)

Cezar McKnight (D)

Frank Atkinson (D)

Russell Fry (R)

Micajah Caskey (R)

Bart Blackwell (R)

Nathan Ballentine (R)

Christopher Wooten (R)

Chip Huggins (R)

William Chumley (R)

Davey Hiott (R)


2022-05-31Act No. 193
2022-05-31Effective date 05/16/22
2022-05-16Signed By Governor
2022-05-12Ratified R 218
2022-05-10Roll call Yeas-70 Nays-33
2022-05-10Concurred in Senate amendment and enrolled
2022-05-04Roll call Ayes-30 Nays-10
2022-05-04Read third time and returned to House with amendments
2022-05-03Read second time
2022-04-29Scrivener's error corrected
2022-04-28Special order, set for April 28, 2022
2022-04-28Committee report: Favorable Education
2022-04-28Polled out of committee Education
2022-04-06Referred to Committee on Education
2022-04-06Introduced and read first time
2022-04-06Roll call Yeas-80 Nays-24
2022-04-06Read third time and sent to Senate
2022-04-05Roll call Yeas-82 Nays-28
2022-04-05Read second time
2022-04-05Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Ballentine, Wooten, Huggins, Chumley, Hiott
2022-04-05Special order, set for Immediatley after the reading of H. 5216
2022-04-05Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Caskey, Blackwell
2022-04-01Scrivener's error corrected
2022-03-31Committee report: Favorable Education and Public Works
2022-03-31Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Fry
2022-03-29Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Atkinson
2022-03-01Member(s) request name added as sponsor: McKnight
2022-02-16Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Thayer, White
2022-02-15Member(s) request name added as sponsor: West
2022-02-09Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Forrest, Bailey
2022-02-08Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Haddon, Bannister, Magnuson, May, Dabney, Long, Willis, McCabe, Morgan, Bryant, V.S.Moss, Nutt, T.Moore
2022-01-27Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Whitmire
2022-01-25Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Hill, Gagnon
2022-01-12Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Gilliam, Yow, Hixon
2022-01-11Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works
2022-01-11Introduced and read first time
2021-11-17Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works