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SC H4799


Critical Race Theory

Amend The Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, By Adding Chapter 35 To Title 1 So As To Define Terms, Prohibit The State, All Political Subdivisions, All Public School Districts, Public Schools, And Public Institutions Of Higher Education From Affirming, Adopting, Adhering To, Or Instructing Any Of The Tenets Of "critical Race Theory"; To Prohibit The Utilization Or Requirement Of Adherence To The Tenets Of Critical Race Theory As A Condition Of Employment; To Prohibit The Utilization Or Requirement Of Adherence To The Tenets Of Critical Race Theory When Spending Public Money Pursuant To The South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code; To Prohibit The Consideration Of The Tenets Of Critical Race Theory When Adopting Policies And Procedures; To Prohibit The Utilization Or Requirement Of Adherence To The Tenets Of Critical Race Theory By Entities Receiving Funds Appropriated By The General Assembly; To Prohibit The State, Including All Political Subdivisions, From Offering Tax Incentives To Entities Utilizing Or Requiring Adherence To The Tenets Of Critical Race Theory; And To Provide Whistleblower Protections; By Adding Article 5 To Chapter 29, Title 59 So As To Define Terms, Provide Teachers And Students Of Civics And Related Coursework In Public Schools May Not Be Compelled To Discuss Certain Topics Or Affirm Certain Beliefs; To Prohibit Credit From Being Awarded For Certain Student Lobbying Activities; To Prohibit The Use Of Private Funding For Curriculum Or Teacher Training Concerning Civics And Related Coursework; To Prohibit Certain Concepts From Inclusion In Curriculum Or Instruction; To Provide Public School Websites Must Include Certain Information And Means Of Providing Related Feedback Concerning Instructional Materials And Curricula In Use; To Provide Related Reporting Requirements Of The State Department Of Education And School Districts; To Prohibit The Teaching, Use, Or Promotion Of The 1619 Project Or Certain Other Tenets; To Provide For The Withholding Of Funding For Noncompliance With Certain Provisions Of This Act; To Provide Requirements For Public Schools That Seek Or Receive Federal Grants Related To History Or Social Studies Education; To Establish That Instructional Materials And Curricula Are Not Exempt From The Freedom Of Information Act; To Provide Whistleblower Protections; And To Establish Consequences To Noncompliance With This Act; And By Adding Section 10-1-220 So As To Prohibit Flags And Banners That Intend To Promote A Social Or Political Cause From Being Flown From Public Schools.

Legislative Session


124th General Assembly


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Robert May (R)

Russell Fry (R)

William Bailey (R)

Linda Bennett (R)

James Burns (R)

Joseph Bustos (R)

William Chumley (R)

Bobby Cox (R)

Victor Dabney (R)

Cally Forrest (R)

Doug Gilliam (R)

Davey Hiott (R)

William Hixon (R)

Chip Huggins (R)

Stewart Jones (R)

Steven Long (R)

Roy Magnuson (R)

Donald McCabe (R)

Sandy McGarry (R)

Travis Moore (R)

Adam Morgan (R)

Roger Nutt (R)

Melissa Oremus (R)

Garry Smith (R)

Anne Thayer (R)

Christopher Wooten (R)

Jonathon Hill (R)


2022-01-26Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Hill
2022-01-13Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works
2022-01-13Introduced and read first time