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SC S0531


Save Women's Sports Act

Enact The "save Women's Sports Act"; To Amend Article 5, Chapter 1, Title 59 Of The 1976 Code, Relating To Miscellaneous Educational Provisions, By Adding Section 59-1-500, To Provide That Public And Private Middle School-level And High School-level Teams And Sports Must Be Designated Based On Biological Sex, To Provide That Teams Or Sports Designated For Females Must Be Restricted To Students Of The Female Sex, To Provide Certain Protections For Public And Private Schools, And To Provide Certain Relief For Violations.

Legislative Session


124th General Assembly


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2022-03-2310:00HearingGressette Room 105Senate Education Full Committee
2022-03-1510:00HearingGressette Room 207Senate Education Subcommittee


2022-05-05Recommitted to Committee on Education
2022-03-30Scrivener's error corrected
2022-03-29Committee report: Favorable with amendment Education
2021-02-09Referred to Committee on Education
2021-02-09Introduced and read first time