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WV HB4016


Creating The Anti-Racism, Anti-Sexism, and Prevention of Political-Economic Bias in School Curriculum and Pedagogy Act of 2022

The purpose of this bill is to prohibit race or sex stereotyping, biologically and or genetically counter factual instruction, and/or or a biased and historically inaccurate account of comparative political economic systems in 1) instruction provided to pupils in school districts and independent charter schools; and 2) training provided to employees of school boards and independent charter schools. Under the bill, any course or part of any curriculum or pedagogy, or employee training that violates the requirements of the act is prohibited. Among the concepts that are prohibited from being taught under the bill are the following: that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex and that an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, bears responsibility for acts committed in the past by other individuals of the same race or sex, that persons must recognize identifications contrary to biology and/or genetics, and the presentation of any socialist, communist, or otherwise Marxist, Maoist or critical theory inspired system of political economy without the accurate inclusion of the historically documented scale of state sponsored terror and murder, economic inefficiency, and starvations which have occurred under such forms of political economy and co-equal instructional time dedicated to free-market economies, capitalism and freely elected constitutional democratic republics. The bill provides that the state superintendent of public instruction notify parents and employees of violations of the act, waives sovereign immunity for violations of the act, and provides a private right of action by a parent, guardian or employee for violations of the act. The bill also requires each school board to post all curricula and training for teachers used in schools in the school district on the school district’s internet site and, if a school board maintains an internet site for an individual school, on the individual school’s internet site. If an internet site is maintained for an independent charter school, the bill requires the authorizer of the independent charter school to ensure that all curricula used in the independent charter school are posted on the independent charter school’s internet site. Under the bill, upon request, a school board or independent charter school operator must provide a printed copy of any curriculum that it is required to post on its internet site, at no cost to the requester.

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2022 Regular Session


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2022-02-01To House Education
2022-02-01Introduced in House
2022-02-01To Education then Judiciary
2022-02-01Filed for introduction