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WV SB498


Creating Anti-Racism Act of 2022

Legislative Session


2022 Regular Session


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2022-03-0809:30HearingHouse Committee on the Judiciary room 410-MHouse Judiciary Meeting
2022-03-0709:00HearingEducation Committee RoomHouse Education Meeting
2022-03-0508:30HearingEducation Committee RoomHouse Education Meeting


2022-03-12House Message received
2022-03-11Communicated to Senate
2022-03-11Title amendment adopted (Voice vote)
2022-03-11Passed House (Roll No. 568)
2022-03-11Read 3rd time
2022-03-11On 3rd reading, Special Calendar
2022-03-10Committee amendment adopted (Voice vote)
2022-03-10Amendment to committee amendment rejected (Roll No. 540)
2022-03-10Amendment to committee amendment adopted (voice)
2022-03-10Ruling sustained (Roll No. 539)
2022-03-10Amendment ruled not germane
2022-03-10Read 2nd time
2022-03-10On 2nd reading, Special Calendar
2022-03-09Read 1st time
2022-03-09Immediate consideration
2022-03-09With amendment, do pass
2022-03-08To House Judiciary
2022-03-08With amendment, do pass, but first to Judiciary
2022-03-03To House Education
2022-03-03To Education then Judiciary
2022-03-03Shall Senate message be rejected (Roll No. 358)
2022-03-03Introduced in House
2022-03-02Ordered to House
2022-03-02Passed Senate (Roll No. 287)
2022-03-02Read 3rd time
2022-03-02On 3rd reading with right to amend
2022-03-01Read 2nd time
2022-03-01On 2nd reading
2022-02-28Read 1st time
2022-02-28Committee substitute reported
2022-01-28To Education
2022-01-28Introduced in Senate
2022-01-28To Education
2022-01-28Filed for introduction