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AL HB354


Relating to education; to amend Section 2 of Act 2022-290, now appearing as Section 16-40A-5, Code of Alabama 1975; to prohibit classroom instruction related to gender identity or sexual orientation in public K-12 schools at certain grade levels and in any grade level in a manner that is not age or developmentally appropriate; to require parents to be notified if there is a change in services or monitoring relating to his or her child's mental, emotional, or physical health; to require parents to be notified of health care services available to students and to allow a parent to opt his or her child out; to require parental consent for certain health care screenings or questionnaires for K-12 students; to provide parents with procedures to express their concern with a local board of education's compliance with certain policies; and to provide a remedy in certain situations.

Legislative Session


Regular Session 2023


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2023-05-2413:30HearingRoom 206House Education Policy Hearing


2023-04-20Introduced and Referred to House Education Policy
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