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FL H1421


Gender Clinical Interventions

Authorizes court of state to enter, modify, or stay child custody determination under specified circumstances; prohibits persons & entities from expending funds for reimbursement for specified clinical interventions; prohibits person's biological sex from being changed on birth certificate; prohibits gender clinical interventions for minors; authorizes certain persons to refuse to participate in gender clinical interventions; prohibits health insurance policy & health maintenance contract from providing coverage for gender clinical interventions; provides physician liability & authorizes award of specified damages, fees, & costs.

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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2023-03-2714:00HearingN/AHouse Health & Human Services Committee Hearing
2023-03-2212:00HearingN/AHouse Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee Hearing


2023-04-18Laid on Table; companion bill(s) passed, see CS/SB 254 (Ch. 2023-90)
2023-04-18Substituted CS/SB 254
2023-04-13Bill added to Special Order Calendar (4/18/2023)
2023-03-29Added to Second Reading Calendar
2023-03-29Bill referred to House Calendar
2023-03-281st Reading (Committee Substitute 2)
2023-03-28CS Filed
2023-03-28Laid on Table under Rule 7.18(a)
2023-03-28Reported out of Health & Human Services Committee
2023-03-27Favorable with CS by Health & Human Services Committee
2023-03-231st Reading (Committee Substitute 1)
2023-03-23Added to Health & Human Services Committee agenda
2023-03-22Now in Health & Human Services Committee
2023-03-22Referred to Health & Human Services Committee
2023-03-22CS Filed
2023-03-22Laid on Table under Rule 7.18(a)
2023-03-22Reported out of Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee
2023-03-22Favorable with CS by Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee
2023-03-20Added to Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee agenda
2023-03-09Now in Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee
2023-03-09Referred to Health & Human Services Committee
2023-03-09Referred to Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee
2023-03-071st Reading (Original Filed Version)