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IA SF496


A bill for an act relating to children and students, including establishing a parent's or guardian's right to make decisions affecting the parent's or guardian's child, prohibiting instruction related to gender identity and sexual orientation in school districts, charter schools, and innovation zone schools in kindergarten through grade six, and modifying provisions related to student health screenings, school district library programs, the educational program provided to students enrolled in school districts, accredited nonpublic schools, and charter schools, other duties of school districts and the governing boards of charter schools and innovation zone schools, competent private instruction, and special education. (Formerly SSB 1145.)

Legislative Session


90th General Assembly


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2023-03-2912:30HearingRM 19House Education Subcommittee


2023-03-28Subcommittee Meeting: 03/29/2023 12:30PM RM 19.
2023-03-27Subcommittee: Wheeler, Boden, Cahill, Holt and Matson. H.J. 735.
2023-03-23Read first time, referred to Education. H.J. 730.
2023-03-23Message from Senate. H.J. 729.
2023-03-22Immediate message. S.J. 672.
2023-03-22Passed Senate, yeas 34, nays 16. S.J. 671.
2023-03-22Amendment S-3097 adopted, as amended. S.J. 671.
2023-03-22Amendment S-3099 to S-3097 filed, adopted. S.J. 671.
2023-03-22Amendment S-3104 to S-3097 filed, adopted. S.J. 670.
2023-03-22Amendment S-3097 filed. S.J. 670.
2023-03-22Amendment S-3069 lost. S.J. 670.
2023-03-22Amendment S-3070 lost. S.J. 669.
2023-03-22Point of order raised, ruled not well taken. S.J. 669.
2023-03-20Fiscal note.
2023-03-13Amendments S-3069 and S-3070 filed. S.J. 556.
2023-03-02Committee report, approving bill. S.J. 467.
2023-03-02Introduced, placed on calendar. S.J. 461.