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IA SF538


A bill for an act relating to prohibited activities regarding gender transition procedures relative to minors, and including effective date and applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 1197.) Effective date: 03/22/2023. Contingent applicability date.

Legislative Session


90th General Assembly


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2023-03-22Signed by Governor. S.J. 700.
2023-03-22Reported correctly enrolled, signed by President and Speaker, and sent to Governor. S.J. 691.
2023-03-09Message from House. S.J. 544.
2023-03-08Immediate message. H.J. 559.
2023-03-08Explanation of vote. H.J. 560.
2023-03-08Passed House, yeas 58, nays 39. H.J. 546.
2023-03-08Substituted for HF 623. H.J. 545.
2023-03-08Read first time, passed on file. H.J. 544.
2023-03-08Message from Senate. H.J. 543.
2023-03-07Immediate message. S.J. 534.
2023-03-07Passed Senate, yeas 33, nays 16. S.J. 534.
2023-03-06Committee report, approving bill. S.J. 501.
2023-03-06Introduced, placed on calendar. S.J. 496.