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Education matters.

Education matters. Provides that a school, an employee or staff member of a school, or a third party vendor used by a school to provide instruction may not provide any instruction to a student in prekindergarten through grade 3 on human sexuality. Provides that a school employee or a school staff member is not prohibited from responding to a question from a student regarding certain topics. Requires a school to notify in writing at least one parent of a student, if the student is an unemancipated minor, of a request made by the student to change the student's name or pronoun, title, or word to identify the student.

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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2023-03-2213:30HearingSenate ChamberSenate Education and Career Development Hearing
2023-02-2008:00HearingHouse ChamberHouse Education Hearing


2023-05-04Public Law 248
2023-05-04Signed by the Governor
2023-05-01Signed by the Speaker
2023-04-28Signed by the President of the Senate
2023-04-28Signed by the President Pro Tempore
2023-04-24House concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 489: yeas 63, nays 29
2023-04-24Motion to concur filed
2023-04-11Returned to the House with amendments
2023-04-10Third reading: passed; Roll Call 345: yeas 37, nays 12
2023-04-06Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
2023-04-06Amendment #4 (Yoder) failed; voice vote
2023-04-06Amendment #5 (Ford J.D.) failed; Roll Call 336: yeas 9, nays 39
2023-04-06Amendment #11 (Yoder) failed; Roll Call 335: yeas 14, nays 34
2023-04-06Amendment #12 (Donato) prevailed; voice vote
2023-03-27Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
2023-03-06First reading: referred to Committee on Education and Career Development
2023-02-24Referred to the Senate
2023-02-23Senate sponsors: Senators Donato, Raatz, Byrne
2023-02-23Third reading: passed; Roll Call 220: yeas 65, nays 29
2023-02-22Second reading: ordered engrossed
2023-02-20Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
2023-01-19First reading: referred to Committee on Education
2023-01-19Authored by Representative Davis
2023-01-19Coauthored by Representatives Teshka, Jeter, Heaton