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IN SB0480


Gender transition procedures for minors.

Gender transition procedures for minors. Prohibits a physician or other practitioner from knowingly providing gender transition procedures to an individual who is less than 18 years of age (minor) that are intended to alter the gender of the minor or delay puberty. Provides for certain medical exceptions. Establishes civil enforcement actions.

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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Tyler Johnson (R)

Gary Byrne (R)

Stacey Donato (R)

Blake Doriot (R)

Mike Gaskill (R)

James Buck (R)

Aaron Freeman (R)

Jeff Raatz (R)

Andy Zay (R)

Greg Walker (R)

Mark Messmer (R)

Jack Sandlin (R)

Linda Rogers (R)

James Tomes (R)

Rick Niemeyer (R)

Brian Buchanan (R)

Scott Alexander (R)


2023-01-23Senator Ford Jon removed as coauthor
2023-01-19First reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
2023-01-19Coauthored by Senators Byrne, Donato, Doriot, Gaskill, Buck, Ford Jon, Freeman, Raatz, Zay, Walker G, Messmer, Sandlin, Rogers, Tomes, Niemeyer, Buchanan, Alexander
2023-01-19Authored by Senator Johnson