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IN SB0480


Gender transition procedures for minors.

Gender transition procedures for minors. Prohibits a physician or other practitioner from: (1) knowingly providing gender transition procedures to an individual who is less than 18 years of age (minor); and (2) aiding or abetting another physician or practitioner in the provision of gender transition procedures to a minor. Specifies certain medical exceptions. Establishes civil enforcement actions.

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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2023-03-2108:30HearingHouse ChamberHouse Public Health Hearing
2023-02-2209:00HearingSenate ChamberSenate Health and Provider Services Hearing


2023-04-05Public Law 10
2023-04-05Signed by the Governor
2023-03-29Signed by the President of the Senate
2023-03-29Signed by the Speaker
2023-03-29Signed by the President Pro Tempore
2023-03-28Returned to the Senate without amendments
2023-03-27Third reading: passed; Roll Call 306: yeas 65, nays 30
2023-03-23Representative Wesco added as cosponsor
2023-03-23Second reading: ordered engrossed
2023-03-23Amendment #4 (Shackleford) failed; Roll Call 293: yeas 27, nays 60
2023-03-23Amendment #3 (Shackleford) failed; Roll Call 292: yeas 28, nays 59
2023-03-23Amendment #2 (Shackleford) failed; Roll Call 291: yeas 28, nays 58
2023-03-23Amendment #1 (Shackleford) failed; Roll Call 290: yeas 29, nays 56
2023-03-21Committee report: do pass, adopted
2023-03-13Representative Teshka J added as cosponsor
2023-03-06First reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
2023-03-01Referred to the House
2023-02-28Senator Byrne added as third author
2023-02-28Senator Byrne removed as coauthor
2023-02-28Cosponsor: Representative Davis M
2023-02-28House sponsor: Representative King
2023-02-28Third reading: passed; Roll Call 207: yeas 36, nays 12
2023-02-27Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
2023-02-27Amendment #4 (Yoder) failed; Roll Call 165: yeas 12, nays 37
2023-02-27Amendment #7 (Brown L) prevailed; voice vote
2023-02-23Senator Young M added as coauthor
2023-02-23Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
2023-02-21Senator Charbonneau added as second author
2023-01-30Senator Crane added as coauthor
2023-01-23Senator Ford Jon removed as coauthor
2023-01-19First reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
2023-01-19Coauthored by Senators Byrne, Donato, Doriot, Gaskill, Buck, Ford Jon, Freeman, Raatz, Zay, Walker G, Messmer, Sandlin, Rogers, Tomes, Niemeyer, Buchanan, Alexander
2023-01-19Authored by Senator Johnson