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ME LD930


An Act to Allow Only Students of Female Gender to Participate in Women's and Girls' Scholastic Sports

Legislative Session


131st Legislature


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2023-05-1513:00HearingState House, Room 438Hearing


2023-06-21Placed in Legislative Files (DEAD)
2023-06-21Roll Call Ordered Roll Call Number 428 Yeas 22 - Nays 11 - Excused 2 - Absent 0 PREVAILED
2023-06-21On motion by Senator CARNEY of Cumberland the Majority Ought Not to Pass Report ACCEPTED. in concurrence
2023-06-21Reports Read
2023-06-21Sent for concurrence. ORDERED SENT FORTHWITH.
2023-06-21ROLL CALL NO. 294 (Yeas 81 - Nays 65 - Absent 4 - Excused 1)
2023-06-21On motion of Representative MOONEN of Portland, the Majority Ought Not to Pass Report was ACCEPTED.
2023-06-21Reports READ.
2023-06-20Reported Out: ONTP/OTP-AM
2023-05-15Voted: Divided Report
2023-05-15Work Session Held
2023-03-30Carried over, in the same posture, to any special or regular session of the 131st Legislature, pursuant to Joint Order SP 594.
2023-03-02On motion by Senator Carney of Cumberland, REFERRED to the Committee on Judiciary, in concurrence.
2023-03-02Sent for concurrence. ORDERED SENT FORTHWITH.
2023-03-02On motion of Representative BRENNAN of Portland, the Bill was REFERRED to the Committee on JUDICIARY.
2023-03-02Committee on EDUCATION AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS suggested and ordered printed.