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MS SB2765


"Mississippi Families' Rights and Responsibilities Act"; enact.

An Act Entitled The "mississippi Families' Rights And Responsibilities Act"; To Provide Definitions; To Provide That All Parental Rights Are Exclusively Reserved To A Parent Of A Child Without Interference From The State Or Political Subdivision Of The State; To Provide That The Local School Board In Consultation With Parents And Teachers Shall Develop And Adopt A Policy To Promote The Involvement Of Parents Of Children Enrolled In The Public Schools; To Require Public Schools To Adopt Procedures To Ensure That A Parent Provides Written Permission Before Their Child Participates In Identity Curriculum Or Critical Theory Curriculum And Allow Parents To Exempt Their Child From Any Specific Lessons That Are Objectionable To The Family; To Require Parental Consent For Medical And Mental Health Care; To Provide A Cause Of Action For Violations Of This Act; To Provide Rules Of Construction; To Amend Section 37-13-9, Mississippi Code Of 1972, In Conformity; To Bring Forward Sections 41-41-3, 41-41-7 And 41-41-11, Mississippi Code Of 1972, Relating To Implied Consent For Medical Procedures On Minors; And For Related Purposes.

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2023 Regular Session


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2023-01-31Died In Committee
2023-01-16Referred To Education