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MT SB458


Define sex in Montana law

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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2023-03-1009:00HearingRoom 317Senate Finance and Claims Hearing
2023-02-2715:00HearingRoom 317Senate Public Health, Welfare and Safety Hearing


2023-03-22(H) First Reading
2023-03-22(H) Referred to Committee (H) Judiciary
2023-03-20(S) Transmitted to House
2023-03-17(S) 3rd Reading Passed
2023-03-17(S) Scheduled for 3rd Reading
2023-03-15(C) Printed - New Version Available
2023-03-15(S) 2nd Reading Passed as Amended
2023-03-15(S) 2nd Reading Motion to Amend Carried
2023-03-15(S) Scheduled for 2nd Reading
2023-03-13(S) Committee Report--Bill Passed (S) Finance and Claims
2023-03-13(S) Committee Executive Action--Bill Passed (S) Finance and Claims
2023-03-10(S) Hearing (S) Finance and Claims
2023-03-10(S) Fiscal Note Printed
2023-03-09(S) Fiscal Note Signed
2023-03-09(S) Fiscal Note Received
2023-03-02(S) Rereferred to Committee (S) Finance and Claims
2023-03-01(C) Printed - New Version Available
2023-03-01(S) Committee Report--Bill Passed as Amended (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety
2023-02-28(S) Fiscal Note Requested
2023-02-27(S) Hearing (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety
2023-02-27(S) Committee Executive Action--Bill Passed as Amended (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety
2023-02-27(C) Amendments Available
2023-02-22(S) First Reading
2023-02-22(S) Referred to Committee (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety
2023-02-22(C) Introduced Bill Text Available Electronically
2023-02-22(S) Introduced
2023-02-22(C) Draft Delivered to Requester
2023-02-21(C) Draft Ready for Delivery
2023-02-21(C) Executive Director Final Review
2023-02-21(C) Draft Ready for Delivery
2023-02-21(C) Draft in Assembly
2023-02-21(C) Executive Director Review
2023-02-21(C) Bill Draft Text Available Electronically
2023-02-21(C) Draft in Final Drafter Review
2023-02-20(C) Draft in Input/Proofing
2023-02-19(C) Draft to Drafter - Edit Review
2023-02-15(C) Draft in Edit
2023-02-15(C) Draft in Legal Review
2023-02-15(C) Draft to Requester for Review
2023-01-07(C) Draft Request Received