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NC H808


Gender Transition/Minors

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2023-2024 Session


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2023-06-2617:00Hearing1027/1128 LBRules and Operations of the Senate Hearing
2023-06-2617:00Hearing1027/1128 LB Rules and Operations of the Senate Hearing
2023-06-2210:00Hearing544 LOBJudiciary Hearing
2023-06-2210:00Hearing544 LOB Judiciary Hearing
2023-06-2110:00Hearing544 LOBHealth Care Hearing
2023-06-2110:00Hearing544 LOB Health Care Hearing
2023-05-0313:15HearingAuditorium LBRules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Hearing
2023-05-0313:15HearingAuditorium LB Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Hearing
2023-05-0210:00Hearing643 LOBHealth Hearing
2023-05-0210:00Hearing643 LOB Health Hearing


2023-08-16Ch. SL 2023-111
2023-08-16Veto Overridden
2023-08-16Placed on Today's Calendar
2023-08-16Veto Overridden
2023-08-07Placed On Cal For 08/16/2023
2023-08-07Withdrawn From Cal
2023-08-03Placed On Cal For 08/15/2023
2023-08-03Withdrawn From Cal
2023-07-20Placed On Cal For 08/07/2023
2023-07-20Withdrawn From Cal
2023-07-17Placed On Cal For 07/20/2023
2023-07-17Withdrawn From Cal
2023-07-12Placed On Cal For 07/19/2023
2023-07-12Withdrawn From Cal
2023-07-06Placed On Cal For 07/12/2023
2023-07-05Received from the Governor
2023-07-05Vetoed 07/05/2023
2023-06-30Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2023
2023-06-28Ordered Enrolled
2023-06-28Concurred In S Com Sub
2023-06-28Added to Calendar
2023-06-28Cal Pursuant 36(b)
2023-06-28Special Message Received For Concurrence in S Com Sub
2023-06-28Special Message Sent To House
2023-06-27Passed 3rd Reading
2023-06-27Passed 2nd Reading
2023-06-27Amend Failed A4
2023-06-27Amend Adopted A5
2023-06-27Amend Tabled A3
2023-06-27Amend Tabled A2
2023-06-27Amend Tabled A1
2023-06-26Reptd Fav
2023-06-22Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
2023-06-22Com Substitute Adopted
2023-06-22Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2023-06-21Re-ref Com On Judiciary
2023-06-21Com Substitute Adopted
2023-06-21Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2023-06-14Re-ref to Health Care. If fav, re-ref to Judiciary. If fav, re-ref to Rules and Operations of the Senate
2023-06-14Withdrawn From Com
2023-05-04Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
2023-05-04Passed 1st Reading
2023-05-04Special Message Received From House
2023-05-03Special Message Sent To Senate
2023-05-03Ordered Engrossed
2023-05-03Passed 3rd Reading
2023-05-03Passed 2nd Reading
2023-05-03Amend Adopted A1
2023-05-03Added to Calendar
2023-05-03Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)
2023-05-03Reptd Fav
2023-05-02Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
2023-05-02Reptd Fav Com Substitute
2023-05-01Serial Referral To Judiciary 1 Stricken
2023-05-01Serial Referral To Families, Children, and Aging Policy Stricken
2023-04-19Ref to the Com on Health, if favorable, Families, Children, and Aging Policy, if favorable, Judiciary 1, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
2023-04-19Passed 1st Reading