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NH SB272


Establishing a parents' bill of rights in education.

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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2023-04-1810:00HearingState House Reps HallEducation Public Hearing
2023-03-3013:00HearingLegislative Office Building 205-207l(CANCELLED) Education Public Hearing
2023-03-0709:00HearingRoom 100, State HouseEducation Hearing
2023-03-0709:00HearingRoom 101, Legislative Office BuildingEducation Hearing


2023-03-28==CANCELLED== Public Hearing: 03/30/2023 01:00 pm Legislative Office Building 205-207l
2023-03-28==RESCHEDULED== Public Hearing: 04/18/2023 10:00 am State House Reps Hall
2023-03-21Introduced (in recess of) 03/16/2023 and referred to Education
2023-03-16Without Objection, Sen. Avard Moved the Question, Motion Adopted; 03/16/2023; Senate Journal 10
2023-03-16Ought to Pass with Amendment 2023-1038s, Regular Calendar 14Y-10N, Motion Adopted; OT3rdg; 03/16/2023; Senate Journal 10
2023-03-16Sen. Carson Floor Amendment # 2023-1038s, Amendment Adopted, Voice Vote; 03/16/2023; Senate Journal 10
2023-03-07Committee Report: Ought to Pass, 03/16/2023; Senate Calendar 13
2023-02-23===ROOM CHANGE=== Hearing: 03/07/2023, Room 100, State House, 09:00 am; Senate Calendar 12
2023-02-17Introduced 02/14/2023 and Referred to Education; Senate Journal 8