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OK SB613


Health care; prohibiting gender transition procedures for children; authorizing certain civil actions and relief; licensure; adding violations and penalties. Emergency.

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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2023-04-1215:00HearingRoom 4s5House Public Health Hearing
2023-02-0809:00HearingRoom 535 Senate Rules REVISED Hearing


2023-05-01Approved by Governor 05/01/2023
2023-05-01Coauthored by Representative Stark
2023-05-01Sent to Governor
2023-05-01Signed, returned to Senate
2023-05-01Enrolled, to House
2023-04-27Referred for enrollment
2023-04-27Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 37 Nays: 8
2023-04-27HAs adopted
2023-04-27HAs read
2023-04-27Engrossed, signed, to Senate
2023-04-26Referred for engrossment
2023-04-26Third Reading, Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 73 Nays: 18
2023-04-26Emergency added
2023-04-26Amended by floor substitute
2023-04-26Coauthored by Representative(s) West (Kevin), Gann, CrosswhiteHader
2023-04-26General Order
2023-04-26House Rule suspended
2023-04-13Coauthored by Senator(s) Standridge
2023-04-13Coauthored by Representative(s) Hardin
2023-04-13CR; Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Public Health Committee
2023-03-29Second Reading referred to Public Health
2023-02-16First Reading
2023-02-16Engrossed to House
2023-02-15Referred for engrossment
2023-02-15Measure passed: Ayes: 40 Nays: 8
2023-02-15General Order, Considered
2023-02-14Coauthored by Representative Hasenbeck (principal House author)
2023-02-14Coauthored by Senator Dahm
2023-02-13Coauthored by Senator Stephens
2023-02-13Coauthored by Senator Rogers
2023-02-09Coauthored by Senator Woods
2023-02-08Coauthored by Senator Hamilton
2023-02-08Emergency removed
2023-02-08Reported Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Rules committee; CR filed
2023-02-07Second Reading referred to Rules
2023-02-06Coauthored by Senator Bergstrom
2023-02-06Coauthored by Senator Burns
2023-02-06Coauthored by Senator Jett
2023-02-06Coauthored by Senator Bullard
2023-02-06Authored by Senator Daniels
2023-02-06First Reading