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SC H4290


DEI in higher education

Amend The South Carolina Code Of Laws By Adding Section 59-101-60 So As To Provide Necessary Definitions, To Provide Each Public Institution Of Higher Learning Annually Shall Report The Total Number Of Administrative And Nonteaching Positions That Support Or Are Associated With Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Initiatives At The Institution; To Prohibit These Institutions From Granting Preference To Applicants For Admission, Employment, Or Promotion On The Basis Of Race, Sex, Color, Ethnicity, Or National Origin, Subject To An Exception; To Prohibit These Institutions From Making Diversity Training Mandatory; To Prohibit These Institutions From Requiring Or Soliciting Diversity Statements As Part Of Their Admissions Or Employment Application Processes, Among Other Things; And To Clarify That These Provisions Do Not Prohibit Certain Programs Required To Comply With Specific Federal Requirements.

Legislative Session


125th General Assembly


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2023-06-07Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Vaughan, Willis
2023-05-16Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Landing, Bustos, Harris, Guffey, Lawson, Oremus, Chumley, Beach, White, Thayer, Chapman, Burns, Haddon, O'Neal, Ligon, Cromer, S.Jones, Trantham, McCabe
2023-04-06Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works
2023-04-06Introduced and read first time