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SC S0234


Parents Bill of Rights

Amend The South Carolina Code Of Laws, Title 63, By Adding Chapter 23 So As To Enact The Parental Bill Of Rights; By Adding Section 63-23-110 So As To Provide That Parents Have Fundamental Rights Regarding The Upbringing, Education, And Care Of Their Children; By Adding Section 63-23-120 So As To Define Necessary Terms; By Adding Section 63-23-130 So As To Provide That The Government Cannot Infringe On Fundamental Rights Of Parents Without A Compelling State Interest That Is Narrowly Tailored And That Cannot Be Achieved By A Less Intrusive Means; By Adding Section 63-23-140 So As To Provide Fundamental Rights Of Parents; By Adding Section 63-23-150 So As To Require That School Districts Should Create Parental Involvement Policies; By Adding Section 63-23-160 So As To Prohibit Health Care Providers From Soliciting Or Providing Health Care Services To Children Without Written Parental Consent; By Adding Section 63-23-170 To Provide That The Provisions Contained In This Chapter Supersede Any Matter To The Contrary Contained In A State Of Emergency; By Adding Section 63-23-180 To Provide For A Cause Of Action For Violations Of This Chapter; And By Amending Section 63-5-340, Relating To A Minor's Consent To Health Services, So As To Raise The Age At Which A Minor May Consent To Health Services.

Legislative Session


125th General Assembly


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2023-02-08Scrivener's error corrected
2023-01-10Referred to Committee on Family and Veterans' Services
2023-01-10Introduced and read first time
2022-11-30Referred to Committee on Family and Veterans' Services