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Relating to the authority to regulate sexually oriented performances and to restricting those performances on the premises of a commercial enterprise, on public property, or in the presence of an individual younger than 18 years of age; authorizing a civil penalty; creating a criminal offense.

Legislative Session


88th Legislature Regular Session


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2023-05-1008:00HearingJHR 140House State Affairs Committee Hearing
2023-03-2309:00HearingSenate ChamberSenate State Affairs Committee Hearing


2023-06-18Effective on 9/1/23
2023-06-18Signed by the Governor
2023-05-29Sent to the Governor
2023-05-29Signed in the House
2023-05-29Signed in the Senate
2023-05-29Reported enrolled
2023-05-28House adopts conf. comm. report-reported
2023-05-28Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal
2023-05-28Record vote RV#2241
2023-05-28House adopts conference committee report
2023-05-28House adopts resolution to go outside bounds HR 2462
2023-05-28Senate adopts conf. comm. report-reported
2023-05-28Record vote
2023-05-28Senate adopts conference committee report
2023-05-28Senate adopts resolution to go outside bounds SR 704
2023-05-27Conf. Comm. Report distributed
2023-05-27Conference committee report filed
2023-05-26House appoints conferees-reported
2023-05-26House grants request for conf comm-reported
2023-05-26House appoints conferees
2023-05-26House grants request for conference committee
2023-05-25Senate appoints conferees-reported
2023-05-25Senate requests conference committee-reported
2023-05-25Senate refuses to concur-reported
2023-05-25Senate appoints conferees
2023-05-25Senate requests conference committee
2023-05-25Senate refuses to concur
2023-05-25House amendment(s) laid before the Senate
2023-05-22House passage as amended reported
2023-05-22Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal
2023-05-22Record vote RV#2241
2023-05-22Read 3rd time
2023-05-19Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal
2023-05-19Record vote RV#1917
2023-05-19Passed to 3rd reading
2023-05-19Read 2nd time
2023-05-19Placed on Major State Calendar
2023-05-17Considered in Calendars
2023-05-17Committee report sent to Calendars
2023-05-17Committee report distributed
2023-05-17Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator
2023-05-12Reported favorably as substituted
2023-05-12Committee substitute considered in committee
2023-05-12Considered in formal meeting
2023-05-10Left pending in committee
2023-05-10Testimony taken/registration(s) recorded in committee
2023-05-10Committee substitute considered in committee
2023-05-10Considered in public hearing
2023-05-10Scheduled for public hearing on . . .
2023-04-13Referred to State Affairs
2023-04-13Read first time
2023-04-06Received from the Senate
2023-04-05Reported engrossed
2023-04-05Remarks ordered printed
2023-04-05Record vote
2023-04-05Read 3rd time
2023-04-05Record vote
2023-04-05Rules suspended-Regular order of business
2023-04-05Co-author authorized
2023-04-04Record vote
2023-04-04Passed to engrossment as amended
2023-04-04Vote recorded in Journal
2023-04-04Amendment(s) offered FA1 Hughes
2023-04-04Read 2nd time
2023-04-04Record vote
2023-04-04Rules suspended-Regular order of business
2023-04-04Co-author authorized
2023-04-03Placed on intent calendar
2023-04-03Co-author authorized
2023-03-30Committee report printed and distributed
2023-03-30Reported favorably as substituted
2023-03-27Vote taken in committee
2023-03-27Considered in public hearing
2023-03-23Left pending in committee
2023-03-23Testimony taken in committee
2023-03-23Considered in public hearing
2023-03-23Scheduled for public hearing on . . .
2023-03-21Co-author authorized
2023-03-13Referred to State Affairs
2023-03-13Read first time
2023-03-10Received by the Secretary of the Senate