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WV HB2007


Prohibiting certain medical practices

The purpose of this bill is to prohibit certain medical practices.

Legislative Session


2023 Regular Session


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Geoff Foster (R)

Geno Chiarelli (R)

Charles Horst (R)

Wayne Clark (R)

Mike Devault (R)

Elias Coop-Gonzalez (R)

Eric Brooks (R)

Todd Kirby (R)

Jordan Maynor (R)

David Adkins (R)

Guy Ward (R)


2023-02-03Communicated to Senate
2023-02-03Passed House (Roll No. 71)
2023-02-03Read 3rd time
2023-02-03On 3rd reading, Special Calendar
2023-02-02Amendment rejected (Roll No. 69)
2023-02-02Amendment rejected (Roll No. 68)
2023-02-02Read 2nd time
2023-02-02On 2nd reading, Special Calendar
2023-02-01Read 1st time
2023-02-01On 1st reading, Special Calendar
2023-01-31By substitute, do pass
2023-01-20To House Judiciary
2023-01-20Do pass, but first to Judiciary
2023-01-12To House Health and Human Resources
2023-01-12Introduced in House
2023-01-12To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary
2023-01-12Filed for introduction