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WY SF0133


Student eligibility in interscholastic sports.

AN ACT relating to education; prohibiting students of the male sex from competing on a team designated for students of the female sex as specified; alternatively providing for a commission to determine student eligibility as specified; providing definitions; providing an appropriation; requiring rulemaking; and providing for an effective date.

Legislative Session


2023 General Session


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Lane Allred (R)

Ryan Berger (R)

Barry Crago (R)

Jeremy Haroldson (R)

Steve Harshman (R)

William Henderson (R)

Mark Jennings (R)

Martha Lawley (R)

Pepper Ottman (R)

Rachel Rodriguez-Williams (R)

Albert Sommers (R)

Clarence Styvar (R)

Tamara Trujillo (R)

Dennis Biteman (R)

Tim French (R)

Lynn Hutchings (R)

Stacy Jones (R)

John Kolb (R)

Troy McKeown (R)

Tim Salazar (R)

Wendy Davis Schuler (R)

Cheri Steinmetz (R)


2023-01-20Introduced and Referred to S04 - Education
2023-01-18Received for Introduction
2023-01-17Bill Number Assigned