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WY SF0144


Chloe's law-children gender change prohibition.

AN ACT relating to public health and safety; prohibiting physicians from performing procedures for children related to gender transitioning and gender reassignment; providing an exception; providing that gender transitioning and reassignment procedures are grounds for suspension or revocation of a physician's or health care provider's license; prohibiting insurance coverage for children for gender transitioning and reassignment procedures; providing definitions; specifying applicability; requiring rulemaking; and providing for effective dates.

Legislative Session


2023 General Session


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2023-02-2200:00HearingState Capitol Room E301 & OnlineHouse Appropriations
2023-02-2208:00HearingState Capitol Room E301 & OnlineHouse Appropriations
2023-02-2100:00HearingState Capitol Room E301 & OnlineHouse Appropriations
2023-02-0308:00HearingCapitol Extension Room W006 & OnlineSenate Labor


2023-02-27COW:H Did not consider for COW
2023-02-22Placed on General File
2023-02-22H02 - Appropriations:Recommend Do Not Pass 5-2-0-0-0
2023-02-15Introduced and Referred to H02 - Appropriations
2023-02-08Received for Introduction
2023-02-083rd Reading:Passed 26-5-0-0-0
2023-02-072nd Reading:Passed
2023-02-03Placed on General File
2023-02-03S10 - Labor:Recommend Amend and Do Pass 5-0-0-0-0
2023-01-26Introduced and Referred to S10 - Labor
2023-01-24Received for Introduction
2023-01-20Bill Number Assigned