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AL HB385


Crimes and offenses, provided that the use of any premises to distribute material that is harmful to minors is a public nuisance and further provided for the definition of "sexual conduct"

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SEXUAL CONDUCT. The term means any of the following: [...] c. Any sexual or gender oriented material that knowingly exposes minors to persons who are dressed in sexually revealing, exaggerated, or provocative clothing or costumes, or are stripping, or engaged in lewd or lascivious dancing, presentations, or activities in K-12 public schools, public libraries, and other public places where minors are expected and are known to be present without parental consent.

Legislative Session


Regular Session 2024


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2024-04-0315:00HearingRoom 206House State Government Hearing


2024-04-04Read for the Second Time and placed on the Calendar
2024-04-03Reported Out of Committee House of Origin
2024-04-02Pending House State Government
2024-04-02Read for the first time and referred to the House Committee on State Government