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AZ HB2657


Parent's rights; mental; physical health

Selected quotes

"Abuse" means the infliction or allowing of physical injury [...] or the infliction of or allowing another person to cause serious emotional damage as evidenced by severe anxiety, depression, withdrawal or untoward aggressive behavior and which emotional damage is diagnosed by a medical doctor or psychologist and is caused by the acts or omissions of an individual who has the care, custody and control of a child. Abuse: [..] (b) does not include referring to and raising a child in a manner consistent with the child's biological sex, including related mental health or medical decisions.

A public educational institution shall obtain signed, written consent from a student's parent or guardian before [...] 3. Providing any instruction or presentation that has the goal or purpose of studying, exploring or informing students about gender roles or stereotypes, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. 4. Implementing any plan concerning any gender incongruence experienced by the student, including any counseling of the student at school. [...] 5. [...] requiring a student to share a multioccupancy restroom with an individual of the opposite biological sex during any overnight trip that is sponsored or authorized by a public educational institution.

A public educational institution shall inform at least one parent within seven days after a student expresses to any employee that the student is experiencing any gender incongruence or requests that any such employee participate in social affirmation of the student's gender incongruence or the transition of the student to a sex or gender different from the student's biological sex while at school.

Legislative Session


Fifty-sixth Legislature - Second Regular Session (2024)


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2024-01-24House read second time
2024-01-23Assigned to House RULES Committee
2024-01-23Assigned to House ED Committee
2024-01-23Introduced in House and read first time