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AZ SB1166


Pronouns; names; sex; school policies

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A public school must notify a student's parents not later than five school days after the first time that an employee or independent contractor of the public school knowingly addresses, identifies or refers to the student by either of the following: 1. A pronoun that differs from the pronoun that aligns with the student's biological sex. 2. A first name other than the first or middle name that is listed on the student's official school records, except that an employee or independent contractor may address, identify or refer to a student by a nickname that is commonly associated with the student's name of record.

Legislative Session


Fifty-sixth Legislature - Second Regular Session (2024)


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2024-03-2613:00HearingHHR 4House Rules
2024-03-2513:30HearingHHR 1House Appropriations
2024-02-1213:00HearingCaucus Room 1Senate Rules
2024-02-0713:00HearingSHR 1Senate Education


2024-03-26House minority caucus: Do pass
2024-03-26House majority caucus: Do pass
2024-03-26House consent calendar
2024-03-26House RULES Committee action: constitutional and in proper form, voting: (6-3-0-0-0-0)
2024-03-25House APPROP Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (10-7-0-0-0-0)
2024-03-18House ED Committee action: Withdrawn, voting: (0-0-0-0-0-0)
2024-02-29House read second time
2024-02-28Assigned to House RULES Committee
2024-02-28Assigned to House APPROP Committee
2024-02-28Assigned to House ED Committee
2024-02-28Introduced in House and read first time
2024-02-27Transmit to House
2024-02-26Senate third reading PASSED voting: (16-13-1-0)
2024-02-26Senate Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass
2024-02-13Senate minority caucus: Do pass
2024-02-13Senate majority caucus: Do pass
2024-02-12Senate consent calendar
2024-02-12Senate RULES Committee action: Proper For Consideration, voting: (4-3-0-0)
2024-02-07Senate ED Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (4-3-0-0)
2024-01-23Senate read second time
2024-01-22Assigned to Senate RULES Committee
2024-01-22Assigned to Senate ED Committee
2024-01-22Introduced in Senate and read first time