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AZ SB1167


Social credit; discrimination; financial services

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A. A financial institution may not: 1. Discriminate in providing financial services to a person. [...] E. For the purposes of this section: 1. "Discriminate in providing financial services" means using a social credit score to either directly or indirectly decline to provide full and equal enjoyment in the provision of financial services, including refusing to provide, terminating or restricting financial services. [...] 5. "Social credit score": (a) means any analysis, rating, scoring, list or tabulation that evaluates any of the following: [...] (iv) a person's failure or refusal to conduct any type of racial, diversity or gender audit or disclosure or to provide a quota, preference or benefit based, in whole or in part, on race, diversity or gender. (v) a person's failure or refusal to facilitate or assist employees in obtaining abortions or gender reassignment services.

Legislative Session


Fifty-sixth Legislature - Second Regular Session (2024)


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2024-02-0513:00HearingCaucus Room 1Senate Rules
2024-01-2914:05HearingSHR 109Senate Finance and Commerce


2024-02-21House read second time
2024-02-20Assigned to House RULES Committee
2024-02-20Assigned to House COM Committee
2024-02-20Introduced in House and read first time
2024-02-16Transmit to House
2024-02-15Senate third reading PASSED voting: (16-10-4-0)
2024-02-15Senate Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass
2024-02-06Senate majority caucus: Do pass
2024-02-06Senate minority caucus: Do pass
2024-02-05Senate consent calendar
2024-02-05Senate RULES Committee action: Proper For Consideration, voting: (4-3-0-0)
2024-01-29Senate FICO Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (4-3-0-0)
2024-01-23Senate read second time
2024-01-22Assigned to Senate RULES Committee
2024-01-22Assigned to Senate FICO Committee
2024-01-22Introduced in Senate and read first time