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AZ SB1511


Insurance; gender surgeries; documentation; reports

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A health insurer that provides coverage for gender transition services shall submit a report to the department within fifteen days after the end of the calendar month during which a claim for a detransition procedure was filed.

The report shall be on a form prescribed by the department, and the form: 1. Shall include all of the following: (a) the number of insurance claims made for a gender detransition procedure. (b) the age and sex of the individual who received the gender detransition procedure. (c) if known, the date that the individual initially began a prior gender transition procedure.

Any state agency that issues licenses, certificates, permits or other official documents that require a name or sex or gender designation shall adopt an expedited procedure that allows an individual who is in the process of a gender detransition procedure to have the individual's license, certificate, permit or other official document changed to the individual's new name and sex or gender designation.

Legislative Session


Fifty-sixth Legislature - Second Regular Session (2024)


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2024-03-1813:00HearingHHR 4House Rules
2024-03-1114:00HearingHHR 4House Health & Human Services
2024-02-1913:00HearingCaucus Room 1Senate Rules
2024-02-1313:30HearingSHR 1Senate Health and Human Services


2024-06-12Transmitted to Governor
2024-06-04Transmit to Senate
2024-06-04House third reading PASSED voting: (31-29-0-0)
2024-03-27House Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass
2024-03-19House minority caucus: Do pass
2024-03-19House majority caucus: Do pass
2024-03-18House consent calendar
2024-03-18House RULES Committee action: constitutional and in proper form, voting: (6-0-0-3-0-0)
2024-03-11House HHS Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (5-4-0-1-0-0)
2024-02-29House read second time
2024-02-28Assigned to House RULES Committee
2024-02-28Assigned to House HHS Committee
2024-02-28Introduced in House and read first time
2024-02-22Transmit to House
2024-02-22Senate third reading PASSED voting: (16-12-2-0)
2024-02-21Senate Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass
2024-02-20Senate majority caucus: Do pass
2024-02-20Senate minority caucus: Do pass
2024-02-19Senate consent calendar
2024-02-19Senate RULES Committee action: Proper For Consideration, voting: (0-0-0-0)
2024-02-13Senate HHS Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (5-2-0-0)
2024-02-06Senate read second time
2024-02-05Assigned to Senate RULES Committee
2024-02-05Assigned to Senate HHS Committee
2024-02-05Introduced in Senate and read first time