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DE SB191


An Act To Amend Title 14 Of The Delaware Code Relating To The Fairness In Girls Sports Act.

This Act generally requires a student athlete to compete for athletic teams or in sports associated with their biological sex, as determined at or near birth and based on the students birth certificate or other government record if a birth certificate is unobtainable. An exception is permitted to allow female athletes to compete in male sports if a corresponding female sport is not available.

Selected quotes

A school district, charter school, or member school shall designate an athletic team or sport sponsored by the school district, charter school, or member school as one of the following based on biological sex: (1) Males, men, or boys. (2) Females, women, or girls. (3) Coed or mixed.

Except as provided under subsection (c) of this section, a school district, charter school, or member school may not allow a student to compete for an athletic team or in a sport designated for the biological sex that is not the student’s biological sex as correctly stated on one of the following: a. The students’ official birth certificate. b. If the student’s official birth certificate is unobtainable, another government record.

For purposes of this subsection, a student’s biological sex is correctly stated only if the statement meets one of the following: a. It was entered at or near the time of the student’s birth. b. It was modified to correct a scrivener or clerical error in the student’s biological sex.

Legislative Session


152nd General Assembly


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2024-06-2612:00HearingSenate ChamberEducation


2024-06-21Introduced and Assigned to Education Committee in Senate