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FL H1425


Juvenile Justice

Authorizes DJJ employees & contracted providers to possess & administer opioid antagonists; provides immunity from liability for administration; replacing term "gender-specific" with "sex-specific"; eliminates minimum-risk nonresidential restrictiveness level; redesignates "nonsecure residential restrictiveness level" as "moderate-risk residential level"; revises provisions concerning transitioning child to & from secure detention care & supervised release detention care.

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-02-1409:00HearingN/AHouse Judiciary Committee Hearing
2024-02-0514:30HearingN/AHouse Justice Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing
2024-01-2515:00HearingN/AHouse Criminal Justice Subcommittee Hearing


2024-04-29Chapter No. 2024-133
2024-04-26Approved by Governor
2024-04-16Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
2024-03-01Ordered enrolled
2024-03-01In Messages
2024-03-01CS passed; YEAS 35 NAYS 0
2024-03-01Read 3rd time
2024-03-01Read 2nd time
2024-03-01Substituted for CS/CS/SB 1352
2024-03-01Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
2024-03-01Withdrawn from Fiscal Policy
2024-02-28Referred to Fiscal Policy
2024-02-28In Messages
2024-02-28CS passed as amended; YEAS 115, NAYS 1
2024-02-28Read 3rd time
2024-02-27Added to Third Reading Calendar
2024-02-27Placed on 3rd reading
2024-02-27Amendment 987815 adopted
2024-02-27Read 2nd time
2024-02-22Bill added to Special Order Calendar (2/27/2024)
2024-02-15Added to Second Reading Calendar
2024-02-151st Reading (Committee Substitute 1)
2024-02-15Bill referred to House Calendar
2024-02-14CS Filed
2024-02-14Laid on Table under Rule 7.18(a)
2024-02-14Reported out of Judiciary Committee
2024-02-14Favorable with CS by Judiciary Committee
2024-02-12Added to Judiciary Committee agenda
2024-02-05Now in Judiciary Committee
2024-02-05Reported out of Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
2024-02-05Favorable by Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
2024-02-01Added to Justice Appropriations Subcommittee agenda
2024-01-25Now in Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
2024-01-25Reported out of Criminal Justice Subcommittee
2024-01-25Favorable by Criminal Justice Subcommittee
2024-01-23Added to Criminal Justice Subcommittee agenda
2024-01-13Now in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
2024-01-13Referred to Judiciary Committee
2024-01-13Referred to Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
2024-01-13Referred to Criminal Justice Subcommittee
2024-01-091st Reading (Original Filed Version)