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FL H1639


Gender and Biological Sex

Defines "sex"; requires certain applications & licenses to indicate person's sex, rather than gender; provides requirements for health insurance policies, group health insurance policies, health benefit plans, & health maintenance contracts relating to coverage for sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures & certain mental health & therapeutic services.

Selected quotes

A health insurance policy [...] may offer, for an appropriate additional premium, coverage for sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures [...] only if the same health insurance policy also provides coverage for treatment to detransition from the sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures.

A health insurer that delivers or issues a health insurance policy that provides coverage described under subsection (1) must also offer a health insurance policy that does not provide such coverage.

A health insurance policy that is delivered or issued to a person in the state may not prohibit the coverage of mental health or therapeutic services to treat a person's perception that his or her sex [...] is inconsistent with such person's sex at birth by affirming the insured's sex.

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-02-2208:00HearingN/AHouse Infrastructure Strategies Committee Hearing
2024-02-0108:00HearingN/AHouse Insurance & Banking Subcommittee Hearing
2024-01-2215:00HearingN/AHouse Select Committee on Health Innovation Hearing


2024-03-08Died in Rules
2024-03-01Referred to Rules
2024-03-01In Messages
2024-03-01CS passed; YEAS 75, NAYS 33
2024-03-01Read 3rd time
2024-02-29Added to Third Reading Calendar
2024-02-29Placed on 3rd reading
2024-02-29Amendment 901105 Failed
2024-02-29Amendment 135825 Failed
2024-02-29Amendment 037901 Failed
2024-02-29Amendment 980525 Failed
2024-02-29Amendment 755937 Failed
2024-02-29Read 2nd time
2024-02-26Bill added to Special Order Calendar (2/29/2024)
2024-02-23Added to Second Reading Calendar
2024-02-23Bill released to House Calendar
2024-02-23Reported out of Infrastructure Strategies Committee
2024-02-22Favorable by Infrastructure Strategies Committee
2024-02-20Added to Infrastructure Strategies Committee agenda
2024-02-051st Reading (Committee Substitute 2)
2024-02-05Now in Infrastructure Strategies Committee
2024-02-05Referred to Infrastructure Strategies Committee
2024-02-03CS Filed
2024-02-03Laid on Table under Rule 7.18(a)
2024-02-02Reported out of Insurance & Banking Subcommittee
2024-02-01Favorable with CS by Insurance & Banking Subcommittee
2024-01-30Added to Insurance & Banking Subcommittee agenda
2024-01-25Now in Insurance & Banking Subcommittee
2024-01-25Referred to Infrastructure Strategies Committee
2024-01-25Referred to Insurance & Banking Subcommittee
2024-01-241st Reading (Committee Substitute 1)
2024-01-24CS Filed
2024-01-24Laid on Table under Rule 7.18(a)
2024-01-23Reported out of Select Committee on Health Innovation
2024-01-22Favorable with CS by Select Committee on Health Innovation
2024-01-18Added to Select Committee on Health Innovation agenda
2024-01-13Now in Select Committee on Health Innovation
2024-01-13Referred to Infrastructure Strategies Committee
2024-01-13Referred to Insurance & Banking Subcommittee
2024-01-13Referred to Select Committee on Health Innovation
2024-01-091st Reading (Original Filed Version)