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"Parents and Children Protection Act of 2023"; enact

A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Article 1 of Chapter 7 of Title 19 of the O.C.G.A., relating to general provisions regarding parent and child relationship generally, so as to prohibit certain actions by an adult acting in loco parentis with respect to child privacy; to provide for related matters; to provide for a short title; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

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No person standing in loco parentis nor the private school which employs him or her shall implement any curriculum or instruction addressing issues of gender identity, queer theory, gender ideology, or gender transition, without first providing notice of such curriculum or instruction to and obtaining the express written permission from each parent of each child who will participate in such curriculum or instruction. Parents shall be informed of the intention of such person or such private school to implement such curriculum or instruction and of the parent's right to inspect the curriculum or instructional material.

No person shall modify a child's official public or private school records based on the child's gender transition or a change in the child's gender identity without the written consent of each of the child's parents

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2023-2024 Regular Session


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2024-02-1314:30Hearing450 CAPSenate Education & Youth Committee
2023-03-0110:00Hearing307 CLOBSenate Education & Youth Committee
2023-02-1414:30Hearing450 CAPSenate Education & Youth Committee


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