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IA HF2558


A bill for an act relating to higher education, including by modifying the responsibilities of private institutions of higher education, community colleges, the state board of regents, and institutions of higher education governed by the state board of regents, modifying provisions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, tuition, and administrator hiring at state universities, membership of the state board of regents, and student-employer work and tuition programs at state universities and community colleges, and including applicability provisions. (Formerly HF 2327.)

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Direct the institutions of higher education under its control to structure university-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion offices to eliminate any diversity, equity, and inclusion function [and] take reasonable steps to assure all of the following: a. That an employee, student, applicant, or campus visitor is not required to submit a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement, or be evaluated based on participation in a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative

Legislative Session


90th General Assembly


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2024-03-11Subcommittee: Kraayenbrink, Quirmbach, and Rozenboom. S.J. 509.
2024-03-07Fiscal note.
2024-03-04Read first time, referred to Education. S.J. 428.
2024-03-04Message from House. S.J. 428.
2024-02-29Immediate message. H.J. 481.
2024-03-04Explanations of votes. H.J. 497.
2024-02-29Passed House, yeas 56, nays 39. H.J. 459.
2024-02-29Amendment H-8078 adopted, as amended. H.J. 459.
2024-02-29Amendment H-8083 to amendment H-8078 out of order. H.J. 459.
2024-02-29Amendment H-8090 to amendment H-8078 adopted. H.J. 459.
2024-02-28Fiscal note.
2024-02-28Amendments H-8083 and H-8090 filed. H.J. 453.
2024-02-27Amendment H-8078 filed. H.J. 428.
2024-02-15Introduced, placed on calendar. H.J. 280.