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IA HF2704


A bill for an act relating to and making appropriations to the education system, including the funding and operation of the department for the blind, department of education, and state board of regents; modifying provisions related to compulsory education, open enrollment, the state board of regents presidential search committee, the Iowa tuition grants program, and the Iowa dyslexia board; establishing restrictions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts of institutions of higher education governed by the state board of regents; providing penalties; and including effective date and applicability provisions.

Selected quotes

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion" includes all of the following: [...] d. Any effort to promote or promulgate trainings, programming, or activities designed or implemented with reference to race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation. e. Any effort to promote, as the official position of the public institution of higher education, a particular, widely contested opinion referencing unconscious or implicit bias, cultural appropriation, allyship, transgender ideology, [...] social justice, intersectionality, neo-pronouns, heteronormativity, disparate impact, gender theory, [...] or any formulation of these concepts.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion office prohibited. A public institution of higher education shall not [...] 1. Establish or maintain a diversity, equity, and inclusion office. [...] 3. Compel, require, induce, or solicit any person to provide a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement

Legislative Session


90th General Assembly


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2024-04-18Withdrawn. H.J. 870.
2024-04-18SF 2435 substituted. H.J. 850.
2024-04-18Introduced, placed on Appropriations calendar. H.J. 846.