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IA SF129


A bill for an act relating to actions relative to treatment or intervention regarding the discordance between a minor's sex and gender identity, and providing civil penalties.

Selected quotes

It shall be unlawful for a medical professional, to engage in any of the following practices upon a minor [...] Administering or supplying [...] puberty-blocking medication to stop or delay normal puberty.

A government agency, political subdivision, or any organization with sortie to license or discipline the members of a professional shall not prohibit, impose, any penalty, or take any adverse action against any member of such a profession, who gives or receives counsel, advice, guidance, or any other communication, however, described, and whether or not in exchange for a fee, in accordance with this chapter and consistent with the professionals, conscience or religious belief.

Legislative Session


90th General Assembly


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2023-01-31Subcommittee: Edler, Petersen, and Salmon. S.J. 217.
2023-01-25Introduced, referred to Health and Human Services. S.J. 182.