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IL HB4531



Creates the Classification by Biological Sex Act. Sets forth findings. Provides that any public school or school district and any State, local agency, department or office that collects vital statistics for the purpose of complying with antidiscrimination laws or for the purpose of gathering accurate public health, crime, economic, or other data shall classify each individual who is part of the collected data set as either male or female at birth. Amends the Statute on Statutes. Sets forth the meaning of the following terms as used in any statute or any rule or regulation: a person's sex; female and male; woman and girl; man and boy; and mother and father.

Selected quotes

A person's sex is his or her biological sex, either male or female, as classified at bi Sec. 1.46. Female or male. [...] A female is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to produce ova, and a male is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to fertilize the ova of a female.

Woman and girl; man and boy. [...] The terms "woman" and "girl" refer to a human female, and the terms "man" and "boy" refer to a human male.

Legislative Session


103rd General Assembly


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2024-02-28Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Kevin Schmidt
2024-01-31Referred to Rules Committee
2024-01-31First Reading
2024-01-24Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Adam M. Niemerg
2024-01-24Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Blaine Wilhour
2024-01-24Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Dan Caulkins
2024-01-19Filed with the Clerk by Rep. David Friess