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IN SB0191


Transparency and freedom of expression.

Transparency and freedom of expression. Establishes restrictions on a state educational institution (institution) in regard to the following: (1) A student's or employee's ideological or political viewpoints or refusal to support or endorse one or more divisive concepts. (2) Requiring a student to submit or affirm a personal diversity statement. (3) Conducting any mandatory training that includes divisive concepts or taking other specified actions related to divisive concepts. (4) Exhibiting bias against or favoritism for certain individuals or groups of individuals. (5) Requiring a student group to pay fees or security deposits that are not charged to all other student groups or denying a student group access to institution property that is routinely used by other student groups. Establishes requirements for institutions regarding the following: (1) Maintaining and posting reports of violations submitted by students or employees on the institution's website. (2) Informing students and employees regarding certain restrictions and requirements to which the institution is subject and to the definition of divisive concept. (3) Conducting, posting the results of, and submitting a report to the legislative council regarding a biennial survey. (4) Posting a current syllabus for each course offered in the current semester at the institution on the institution's website. (5) Submitting the following: (A) Certain reports to the institution's chief executive officer. (B) Certain reports to the commission for higher education (commission). Provides that a student or employee of an institution who believes that an institution has violated certain restrictions on institutions may file a report of the alleged violation with the institution. Establishes requirements regarding individuals employed by an institution whose primary or secondary job duties or job title includes diversity, equity, or inclusion. Allows and requires the commission to adopt rules.

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An institution may not: (1) penalize, discriminate against, or treat adversely a student or employee of the institution due to the student's or employee's refusal to support, believe, endorse, embrace, confess, act upon, or otherwise assent to one (1) or more divisive concepts; (2) require a student or employee of the institution to endorse a specific ideology or political viewpoint to be eligible for hiring, tenure, promotion, or graduation; (3) ask the ideological or political viewpoint of a student, job applicant, job candidate, or candidate for promotion or tenure; or (4) require an applicant for employment or admission to: (A) submit a personal diversity statement; or (B) affirm the applicant's agreement with an institutional diversity statement; as part of the application or admissions process

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2024 Regular Session


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2024-01-09First reading: referred to Committee on Education and Career Development
2024-01-09Authored by Senator Johnson, T