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KY HB304


AN ACT relating to education and declaring an emergency.

Amend KRS 158.191 to ensure parental rights and involvement by requiring notification within two business days of specific events; require a district to adopt procedures that both encourage students to speak with parents and require facilitation of the discussion with parents; forbid a district or school from adopting policies that keep any student information confidential from parents or refuse information requested by a parent with specific exceptions; forbid a district from requiring school personnel or students to use nonconforming pronouns for any individual instead of just students, establish the type of mental health services that the section does not prohibit a district from seeking for students; amend KRS 158.1415 to prohibit a child in any grade level from receiving instruction on a specific topic a parent has provided written notice to the school asserting an objection due to religious or moral beliefs; create a new section of KRS Chapter 158 to establish a cause of action for violations; create a new section of KRS Chapter 158 to prohibit a disciplinary action or adverse employment action for an employee informing a parent of specific information about a student or declining to use a pronoun or title inconsistent with the individual's biological sex; amend KRS 158.193 to establish that a school employee may participate in voluntary, student-initiated, student-led prayer when invited to do so; EMERGENCY.

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A school shall notify a student's parents within two (2) business days of the following occurring: School personnel become aware of any of the following: [...] 4. The student requests or receives health services or mental health services related to sexual conduct or behavior, sexual orientation, or sexual identity; 5. The student asserts that the student's gender is different from his or her biological sex;

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2024 Regular Session


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2024-03-25floor amendment (2) filed
2024-03-12floor amendment (1) filed
2024-01-25to Education (H)
2024-01-18to Committee on Committees (H)
2024-01-18introduced in House