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KY SB208


AN ACT relating to neglect and abuse.

Amend KRS 600.020 to separate the definitions of "abused child" and "neglected child"; amend the definition of "physical injury" to include the requirement that it is likely to cause death or disfigurement or impairment of an organ; amend KRS 620.040 and 620.050 to require that interviews of any party by the cabinet must be recorded and retained for five years; amend KRS 620.072 to remove "neglect"; amend KRS 625.090 to remove "neglect" as a basis for a termination of parental rights; amend various KRS sections to conform.

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The Kentucky Board of Education or the Kentucky Department of Education shall not require or recommend that a local school district keep any student information confidential from a student's parents. A district or school shall not adopt policies or procedures with the intent of keeping any student information confidential from parents.

A local school district shall not require school personnel or students to use pronouns for students that do not conform to that particular student's biological sex as referenced in paragraph (b) of this subsection.

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-02-16to Families & Children (S)
2024-02-14to Committee on Committees (S)
2024-02-14introduced in Senate