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MN HF3264


Criminal penalties provided for health care practitioners who perform or cause to be performed specified practices on a minor under certain conditions.

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A health care practitioner who performs any of the following practices upon a minor, or who causes such practices to be performed upon a minor, for the purpose of attempting to change the minor's sex or for the purpose of affirming the minor's perception of the minor's sex if that perception is inconsistent with the minor's sex, commits a felony in the first degree: [...] (b) administering, prescribing, or supplying [...] (1) puberty-blocking medication, which stops or delays normal puberty; (2) supraphysiologic doses of testosterone, to females; or (3) supraphysiologic doses of estrogen, to males;

Legislative Session


93rd Legislature 2023-2024


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2023-04-20Author added Daniels
2023-04-19Introduction and first reading, referred to Health Finance and Policy