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MN SF4017


Interscholastic athletic team designation based on the sex of the participants; certain health care providers prohibited from engaging in conduct relating to gender reassignment surgery and gender transitions; medical assistance coverage for gender transition services for minors prohibition; limitations on custody and parenting time based on denial of gender transition services probation; Intercollegiate athletic team designation based on the sex of the participants

Selected quotes

PROHIBITIONS ON GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY AND CERTAIN PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MINOR INDIVIDUALS [...] A physician must not knowingly do any of the following: (1) perform gender reassignment surgery on a minor individual; (2) prescribe a cross-sex hormone or puberty-blocking drug for a minor individual for the purpose of assisting the minor individual with gender transition; and (3) engage in conduct that aids or abets in the practices described in clause (1) or (2)

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE PROVISION REQUIREMENTS [...] a mental health professional must not diagnose or treat a minor [...] who presentsfor the diagnosis or treatment of a gender-related condition without first obtaining the consent of one of the following: (1) at least one parent of the minor individual; (2) at least one legal custodian of the minor individual; or (3) the minor individual's guardian. (b) No mental health professional shall diagnose or treat a minor individual without the consent required in paragraph (a) who presents for the diagnosis or treatment of a gender-related condition without screening the minor individual for both of the following during the course of diagnosis and treatment: (1) other comorbidities that may be influencing the minor individual's gender-related condition, including depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and other mental health conditions; and (2) physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse and other traumas.

INTERSCHOLASTIC SPORTS TEAMS [...] A school, interscholastic conference, or the Minnesota State High School League must not knowingly permit individuals of the male sex to participate on athletic teams or in athletic competitions designated only for participants of the female sex.

Legislative Session


93rd Legislature 2023-2024


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2024-02-20Referred to Health and Human Services
2024-02-20Introduction and first reading