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MO HB1519


Prohibits discrimination against health care professionals who refuse to assist in medical procedures or treatments relating to sex reassignment or gender identity transitioning

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No person or institution shall be: (1) Denied or discriminated against in the receipt of any public benefit, assistance, or privilege whatsoever; or (2) Denied or discriminated against in any public or private employment by any means including, but not limited to, any adverse action related to hiring, promotion, advancement, transfer, licensing, education, training, or granting of hospital privileges or staff appointment on the grounds that the person or institution refuses to perform, assist, or participate in medical procedures, treatments, counseling, prescriptions, or surgeries related to sex reassignment or gender identity transitioning

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-01-2416:30Executive SessionHouse Hearing Room 6Emerging Issues Executive Session
2024-01-1714:00HearingHouse Hearing Room 6Emerging Issues Hearing


2024-01-31HCS Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 10 NOES: 4 PRESENT: 0
2024-01-24HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
2024-01-24Executive Session Completed (H)
2024-01-17Public Hearing Completed (H)
2024-01-05Referred: Emerging Issues(H)
2024-01-04Read Second Time (H)
2024-01-03Read First Time (H)
2023-12-01Prefiled (H)