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MS SB2553


Mississippi Families' Rights and Responsibilities Act; enact.

An Act To Enact The Mississippi Families' Rights And Responsibilities Act To Provide That The State, Any Political Subdivision Of The State, Or Any Other Governmental Entity Shall Not Substantially Burden The Fundamental Right Of A Parent To Direct The Upbringing, Education, Health Care And Mental Health Of That Parent's Child Without Demonstrating That The Burden Is Required By A Compelling Governmental Interest Of The Highest Order As Applied To The Parent And The Child And Is The Least Restrictive Means Of Furthering That Compelling Governmental Interest; To Require The Consent Of A Parent Or Guardian For Certain Actions, Including Prescribing Medication Or Performing Surgery; To Set Certain Exceptions To The Consent Requirement; To Provide That No State Employee Shall Withhold Information About The Child's Physical, Emotional Or Mental Health From The Parent; To Provide A Cause Of Action To Parents For Any Violation Of The Act; To Provide That A Parent May Raise The Provisions Of This Act As A Defense Against Certain Judicial Or Administrative Proceedings; To Provide Certain Limitations On The Provisions Of The Act; To Set Certain Transparency Measures For Public Schools And Charter Schools; To Establish Teachers' Expressive Rights Within A School; To Provide Rules Of Construction Related To The Act; And For Related Purposes.

Selected quotes

Each school district and charter school, in consultation with parents, teachers and administrators, shall develop and adopt a policy to promote the involvement of parents of children enrolled in the school district or charter school, including: [...] d) Procedures to notify a parent at least five (5) days in advance and obtain the parent's consent before the parent's child attends any instruction or presentation that has the goal or purpose of studying, exploring or informing students about gender roles or stereotypes, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation;

f) Procedures by which a parent must provide consent before their child uses a name or nickname other than their legal name or a derivative thereof, or before a child uses a pronoun that does not align with the child's sex. However, even if a parent provides consent, no person shall be compelled to use pronouns that do not align with the child's sex.

(3) District and charter school employees shall not withhold or conceal information from, or facilitate, encourage, or coerce a child to withhold or conceal information from the child's parents about the child's: [...] (c) Purported gender identity or requested transition, where the child's purported gender identity is incongruous with his or her biological sex.

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2024 Regular Session


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2024-03-05Died In Committee
2024-02-16Referred To Public Health and Welfare